7 simple laptop maintenance tips for the new users

Owning a laptop is very important in today’s life, it gives someone the flexibility to work and surf the internet while out and about which has become the way of life in the 21st century.

If you just bought a new laptop, there are several maintenance tips that you should always keep in mind to make sure that your laptop stays longer without any technical problem.

The following simple and easy to follow laptop maintenance tips will help you understand what you need to do to make sure your laptop lasts a long time.


1. Vent maintenance

Always check the vents of your laptop and ensure they are clear and not blocked. In case the vents are blocked, don’t insert objects into the vents while trying to remove the dirt. The recommended way to clean the vents is by using a can of air that can be found in various computer accessories stores. Always check the vents at least once per week.

2. Fan maintenance

The most common problem with laptops is overheating. If your fans are not working in the right manner, you might end up with severe problems with your hard drive, memory, or even monitoring. All these problems can be avoided when the fans are in the right shape. If you don’t know how to check your laptop’s fan performance, you can visit the manufacturer’s website for detailed instructions and find software that you can use for testing purposes.

The problem of overheating can also be eliminated by the use of a laptop cooling pad. The cooling pad allows the air to circulate under the laptop, reducing the excessive heat when the laptop is unable to cool itself.

3. Keep away from dusty places.

Keeping your laptop away from dusty places is very important. Dust can block fans and vents of the laptop, causing the problem of overheating. Always turn off your laptop and use a soft cloth to clean it regularly. It is also essential to make sure that your hands are clean when carrying out the exercise. When you are not using the laptop, always cover it in its bag to make sure it does not come into contact with dust.

4. Keep away from food and drinks.

It is not advisable to use your laptop when you are eating; some food particles can fall and occupy the spaces on the keyboard and make it very difficult to clean. Food particles on your laptop can also attract bugs on your laptop, making it even worse. In case a drink (liquid) comes into contact with your laptop, it can lead to a bigger problem of short circuits, which can cause great damage.

5. Avoid places with abnormal temperatures.

Even though laptops are capable of getting rid of the excessive heat generated, overheating is still a big problem in all kinds of laptops. That’s why it is recommended to keep away from direct sunlight or even using it in places like the kitchen where heat is way above average. Also, avoid operating using it near and magnetic devices e.g., microwave to avoid damaging the hard disk.

Protect your device from malware, and hackers malware programs are dangerous programs capable of collecting sensitive data from your laptop, such as usernames and passwords. This information is then sent to the creator of the program or the hacker. The most common malware used by hackers is spyware, adware, viruses, Trojans, rootkit, keylogger, worm, botnet and backdoor. This malware is designed to spy, collect and record your activities, which leads to hacking. To protect yourself from this, it is advisable to install good anti-virus software on your laptop. The other thing is always to update your and OS regularly to stay up to date and also turn on your windows firewall.

6. Always clean the corrupt files.

When using the internet, some files might be downloaded and stored in temporary locations, which is normal. With time, these files occupy a large space of the hard disk. It is highly recommended to get rid of these temp files, which are of no use. Deleting these files is simple, go to;

  1. RUN-> type TEMP and hit enter
  2. You can also try %TEMP%, RECENT Delete all the files

You can also use freeware such as CCleaner that also helps in getting rid of temporary files, clear cookies, internet cache files and the other harmful files in the registry.

The other laptop maintenance tips include things like using surge protectors, protecting your laptop from humidity, ensuring that there are no books or papers placed between the screen and the keyboard to protect the screen and taking full backups of your data.

Taking good care of a laptop is secure, and by doing so, your laptop will last longer as you long as you follow those necessary precautions.

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